Who We Are

Elysian Management Consulting Services, LLC, “EMCS,” is a comprehensive management consulting services company focused on providing organizations and executives a broad array of services centered on management, supervision and operation activities. This is accomplished through a proven technique of analysis that isolates and studies each core component of a business, which yields a strategic and executable plan to increase efficiency and profitability.

Our guiding principle is centered on people. It is our unwavering belief that the right people in the right roles and with the right coaching, is the cornerstone of having the right business. Our proven approach to Recruiting the right people, then Developing the right people and ultimately Retaining the right people, will build a solid foundation of success for any business, of any size and within any industry, globally.

We have a vastly experienced team of executive consultants, whose abilities span a broad spectrum of industries. The team provides an extensive management history in the areas of sales management, marketing, jurisprudence, business operations, financial markets, technology and quality control.

Our management consulting philosophy encompasses multiple aspects of our collective years of experience, and combines our hundreds of formed relationships with every type of activity within the universe of business, to ensure that all of our clients are exposed to the newest and most efficient strategies available in the marketplace.

We are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive business model that delivers a winning top-down, strategic management competency that will serve its employees and shareholders into the future.

Our track record of building successful businesses has spanned decades and has resulted in billions through profitability and valuations of multiplicity. We look forward to advancing our vision and collective opportunities.


Over the collective decades, our executive team of consultants has worked in a global array of industries from small business to the largest of corporations in the world. The industries span from financial services, to healthcare, across entertainment and journalism, to legal representation and counseling. It is from this vast aggregate of experience and expertise that we base our confidence and commitment to our clients.