What We Do

The approach to our services is simple. For businesses that are struggling with efficiency and profitability, we seek to initially determine “what you need” and overlay it with “what we can provide.” This remains the most direct way to assist the business in overcoming hurdles and creating future opportunities.

For those businesses that are profitable, but falling short of their potential due to inefficiencies and/or personnel, we seek to initially determine “what you want” and overlay it with “what we can deliver.” This can create awareness within the business that can be utilized to challenge people and processes, to work smarter and create future opportunities.


Either approach requires our involvement in evaluations, results and recommendations. This allows a business to stage-in our activities, as executive management sees fit.

Finally, our proprietary system of Recruiting, Development and Retention of new and current personnel, has been proven to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. Our approach to recruiting the right people, transitioning and integrating them into a development plan, which provides a disciplined method of coaching and motivation, has proven over time to retain the best talent. This proprietary system, which we call The RDR System, can be used as a platform by every level of management, ensuring their direct reports are given a well-balanced and consistent personal growth plan.


Over the collective decades, our executive team of consultants has worked in a global array of industries from small business to the largest of corporations in the world. The industries span from financial services, to healthcare, across entertainment and journalism, to legal representation and counseling. It is from this vast aggregate of experience and expertise that we base our confidence and commitment to our clients.